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Shapes Fitness Australia

Our mission is to enable you to get in your best shape without breaking the bank

Based in the north of Melbourne we are a small business established in 2021. During the covid lockdowns we all (especially Victorians) realised very quickly how important is it to have some sort of training setup at home. We realised that a lot businesses supplying fitness equipment had either jacked up the prices of their products or were selling very poor quality products. This was the inception of Shapes Fitness!

We are a group of fitness enthusiasts who understand the quality of training equipment and varying requirements of each individual or household. After months of market research and modifications on the out of box items, we proudly supply great quality, not too expensive and readily available fitness gear to Australians! Compared to many quality local and international brands, we supply much cheaper gym equipment but we DO NOT compromise on quality. Our fitness gear has been tested by many athletes and coaches in the country and we have received excellent feedback from everyone!

One cannot stress enough on the importance of mental and physical heath. These go hand in hand. We are committed to enable you to get in your best shape on your terms!!! Setting up a home gym, beginners, intermediate or pro couldn’t have been simpler!